Using client tools in Jupyter notebook

You can use panda-client tools (pathena, prun, phpo, and pbook) in Jupyter notebook through the magic command interface, %command args.

First, you need to setup Jupyter interface as usual.

[ ]:
from pandaclient import panda_jupyter

Then, for example

[ ]:
%prun -h


usage: prun [options]

  HowTo is available at

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
                        Print individual group help (the group name is not
                        case-sensitive), where "ALL" will print all groups
                        together. Some options such as --inOutDsJson may SPAN
                        several groups

  prun --exec "echo %IN > input.txt; root.exe; root -b -q macrotest.C" --athenaTag=22.0.0 --inDS ...
  prun --exec "cpptest %IN" --bexec "make" --athenaTag=22.0.0 --inDS ...
  prun --loadJson prunConfig.json   # read all prun options from one json file


[ ]:
%prun -3 --exec ls --outDS user.hoge.`uuidgen` --vo sphenix


INFO : gathering files under /Users/hoge/jupyter/home/panda
INFO : upload source files
INFO : submit user.hoge.73818405-09D2-4BA0-8186-E3EB22BC9AFD/
INFO : succeeded. new jediTaskID=473


Note that it wold also be possible to call those tools as shell commands !command args, but they will be hang up if you need to enter information, such as passphrase, on the console. Especially this is the case for pbook, so you need to use %pbook instead of !pbook.

[ ]:

Then you go into the interactive session and can use pbook commands on the command prompt.

PBook user: hoge

Start pBook 1.4.47

>>> show()
Showing only max 1000 tasks in last 14 days. One can set days=N to see tasks in last N days, and limit=M to see at most M latest tasks
JediTaskID  Status     Fin%  TaskName
  23084322    done   100.0%  user.hoge.61cdfaf1-5cea-4a94-8f38-f8f2eb035303/
  23083910    done   100.0%  user.hoge.f2b8736f-6471-4fe2-a0a0-13b67ee63ac0/
  23083909    done   100.0%  user.hoge.5db466a4-f04f-4a7a-94ba-80722f7f9639/
  23012863    done   100.0%  user.hoge.aeab8f8b-271a-4c63-9763-695d77d09b61/
  23012862    done   100.0%  user.hoge.f2ddc8cf-9892-410c-9d6d-5db577e84ebc/

>>> kill(475)
Kill command registered: reqID=475 will be killed soon.


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