Integration with CRIC

The Computing Resource Information System (CRIC) is a framework providing a centralized and flexible way to describe resources and their usage.

It is possible to integrate PanDA and CRIC so that administrators register various resources in CRIC by using WebUI and PanDA fetches information from CRIC, avoiding manual registration in the database. One of the scripts launched by PanDA daemon, configurator, periodically retrieves information from CRIC and populates database tables. To enable PanDA daemon and configurator, you need in panda_server.cfg

# whether to run daemons for PanDA
enable = True

config = {
    "configurator": {
        "enable": true, "module": "configurator", "period": 200, "sync": true},

and set the following parameters:





URL to get schedconfig json


URL to get site json


URL to get storage json


URL to get blacklist json


URL to get site matrix json

If you don’t have a real CRIC instance or have a partially functional instance, you can use local json files to describe resources. In this case the above parameters take the form of: file://<path_to_file> instead of https://<url>. It is possible to use local json files only for some parameters while others are taken from the real CRIC instance.