Launch pilot 2

The pilot is a dependency-less Python application and relies on /usr/bin/env python. The minimum pilot can be called like:

./ -d -q <QUEUE_NAME>

The QUEUE_NAME correspond to the ATLAS PandaQueue as defined in AGIS. This will launch the default generic workflow with a default lifetime of 10 seconds.

The -d argument changes the logger to produce debug output.

The current range of implemented pilot options is:

-a: Pilot work directory (string; full path). This is the main work directory for the pilot. In this directory, the work directory of the payload will be created (./PanDA_Pilot2_%d_%s" % (os.getpid(), str(int(time.time())))).

-d: Enable debug mode for logging messages. No value should be specified.

-w: Desired workflow (string). Default is generic, which currently means stage-in, payload execution and stage-out will be performed. Other workflows to be defined. The workflow name should match an existing module in the workflow Pilot 2 directory.

-l: Lifetime in seconds (integer). Default during Pilot 2 testing and implementation stage is currently 3600 s. It will be increased at a later time.

-q: PanDA queue name (string). E.g. AGLT2_TEST-condor.

-s: PanDA site name (string). E.g. AGLT2_TEST. Note: the site name is only necessary for the dispatcher. The pilot will send it to the dispatcher with the getJob command.

-j: Job label (string). A prod/source label which currently has default value ptest. For production jobs, set this to managed while user is the value for user jobs. Setting it to test will result in a test job.

--cacert: CA certificate to use with HTTPS calls to server, commonly X509 proxy (string). Not needed on the grid.

--capath: CA certificates path (string). Not needed on the grid.

--url: PanDA server URL (string). Default is

-p: PanDA server port (integer). Default is 25443.

--config: Config file path (string). Path to pilot_config.cfg file.

--country_group: Country group option for getjob request (string).

--working_group: Working group option for getjob request (string).

--allow_other_country: Is the resource allowed to be used outside the privileged group (boolean)?

--allow_same_user: Multi-jobs will only come from same taskID and thus same user (boolean).

--pilot_user: Pilot user (string). E.g. name of experiment.