Return a properly formatted job metrics string. Job metrics are highly user specific, so this function merely calls a corresponding get_job_metrics() in the user code. The format of the job metrics string is defined by the server. It will be reported to the server during updateJob.

Example of job metrics: Number of events read | Number of events written | vmPeak maximum | vmPeak average | RSS average | .. Format: nEvents=<int> nEventsW=<int> vmPeakMax=<int> vmPeakMean=<int> RSSMean=<int> hs06=<float> shutdownTime=<int>

cpuFactor=<float> cpuLimit=<float> diskLimit=<float> jobStart=<int> memLimit=<int> runLimit=<float>


job – job object.


job metrics (string).

pilot.util.jobmetrics.get_job_metrics_entry(name, value)[source]

Get a formatted job metrics entry. Return a a job metrics substring with the format ‘name=value ‘ (return empty entry if value is not set).

  • name – job metrics parameter name (string).

  • value – job metrics parameter value (string).


job metrics entry (string).